Privacy Policy

Your Security has been developed to support secure online shopping through secure socket layer (SSL) technology. This technology works best when the site is viewed using Microsoft's Internet Explorer. All credit card information you provide during the shopping process is encrypted for your protection. You will know you are in an encrypted area when you see a closed lock when using Microsoft Internet Explorer. Look for these signs before entering your billing information.

Information that is provided to as a result of your online purchase is treated as confidential, and will not be sold to any other parties.

When capturing customer data it is passed through a secure server using encryption technology to ensure your information is protected when being sent over the internet. Additionally, all stored customer information is protected from unauthorised access through the use of secure passwords and user log ons or other security procedures.

Your Privacy recognises the home servers of visitors, but not their email addresses. Individually identifiable email addresses are not captured unless they are provided as a result of participation in any one of a number of opt-in or permission-based programs. Email addresses given to us as part of the order form will be used to send you an email based order confirmation and, in some cases, a follow-up delivery confirmation.

Only people who opt in will receive communications from If you do not wish to receive email messages from, you may opt-out at any time. To opt-out, simply send an email to with the subject line 'opt-out' and you will automatically be removed from our list.

Email addresses will not be sold to any other parties.

Mobile phone numbers given to us as part of the order form will be used to follow-up delivery confirmation. We do not and will not practice SMS marketing, nor will your numbers be sold, given or otherwise to any other parties.

Image Privacy

Content Uploaded to Site. Any images that you voluntarily disclose becomes publicly available and may be viewed by the general public.

By submitting your picture or video, you agree:

  1. To appear in photographs or other material which may be used for internal exhibition or in trade and customer presentations, or in advertising or other material promoting the Company and its beverage products which may be privately or publicly displayed or broadcast, including broadcast over the internet.
  2. That no payment will be made to you for such use, or for any re-use, of the Material.
  3. Acknowledge that all copyright in the Material, including the right to reproduce your likeness or image, shall belong to the Company.
  4. To release and discharge the Company from any claims in relation to the Company's use of your likeness or image.